Adelaide's largest onsite Pony Club agistment facility.


Sunnybrae Sunrise

Financial Riding Members of Sunnybrae Pony Club may apply to agist their horses on the grounds. We have 18 stables on site and what is undoubtedly the most well equipped pony club/agistment facility in South Australia.  Certainly we are the only Pony Club that offers agistment this close to the City of Adelaide.  To apply for agistment, complete and submit the Agistment Application and read and understand the Agistment Contract. Applicants will be placed on a waiting list if the agistment is full.

If the application is accepted when presented at a Club Committee meeting, the member may be invited to agist their horse on the grounds. Agistment payments must be 4 weeks in advance at all times and ongoing payments made monthly.

Agisters are also required to strictly adhere to all conditions of Agistment outlined in the Agistment Agreement.  Agisters enjoy 24 hour access to their horse and the facilities and enjoy use of all equipment and riding areas whilst participating actively in Pony Club events and activities.  The agistment facilities at Sunnybrae Pony Club are exceptional in all areas.  The stables have been designed to maximise space and provide safe and comfortable accommodation for both horses and owners.  Agisting on the grounds makes it easy to attend rallies and events/training days held on the grounds and to have regular access to training equipment and the riding areas.

Agistment applications are always welcome but we encourage people who are seeking agistment, to become involved with the Pony Club and also to be aware of the daily commitment involved in agisting on the grounds. Agisters are also required to contribute to jobs on a roster system.

 To find out more about being part of Pony Club visit Pony Club Association of SA website    *Agistment Application found below SHOULD be type in fields - please contact if you have any issues.

Photo credit: Kristee Matthews

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